Bank-A-Count Corporation is a leading national printer of payment coupon books, personal checks and related products that has been in business since 1955.
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Tax Information:
  W-9 Form:Completed W-9 Form with Bank-A-Count Corporation Federal ID # for your records
Financial Institutions:
   Setup Form: For a Financial Institution to submit printing specifications for coupons
Editable Setup Form:
For a financial institution to order personal checks and related business products
  Setup Form: required for new school tuition coupon customer

  Record Layout: format for ordering via Excel or similar filesXLS
  Order Form: for inventories of non-personalized, blank/generic booksPDF
  Optional setup form to add inserts, or optional overlay imprintsPDF
  Order Form for 10 or more coupon books, via Paper Copy Listings/Reports

  Order Form for an individual book by mail or fax PDF
  Order Form for supplies of Blank Teller CouponsPDF
  Tracking Form to verify receipt & shipment of recent orderPDF
  Imprint Specifications Form For Personalized Payment Coupon BooksPDF
Property Management:
   Optional setup form to add Inserts, or special Overlay imprintsPDF
   Order Form to order coupon books via Paper Copy Listings/ReportsPDF
   Record Layout: format for ordering via Excel or similar filesPDF
   Sample Excel file in our recommended file layoutXLS
   Breakout Style Record Layout: format for ordering via Excel or similar filesPDF
   Sample Excel file for Breakout couponsXLS
Club Account Products:
    Information & samples of Savings Club printing services
    Bulk Savings Club Coupon Books PDF
    Individual Savings Club Coupon Books PDF
    Record Layout: Format for ordering via Excel or similar file


Statement Setup Form (pdf)