Frequently Asked Questions

What's New?

For Quick ordering and product information, you will access the site content that is specific to your market. We invite you to explore other areas of our site to learn about additional Bank-A-Count products.

New - MY ACCOUNT tab, making it easier to manage your account!

Pending Proofs - the link provides quick access to orders awaiting your approval.

Create/Manage Linked Accounts - additional login accounts can be created and managed under a single customer number if desired. Benefits include:

  • Email Confirmations of orders are sent directly to the user who placed the order.
  • Any order questions are directed to the correct person.
  • Ensure site security by turning off login access of any employees leaving your organization.
  • User passwords can be reset/managed routinely for the utmost security
Manage Stored Addresses link

This is used for shopping cart products such as business checks, stamps, and deposit tickets/books. Allows you to store multiple shipping addresses for your business, commonly used for the name of the person receiving shipments and additional offices.

Q.  How do I start ordering Payment Coupons from Bank-A-Count?


If you have been assigned an account, sign in using your logon information.

Enter printing specifications by clicking "Quick Links", "Add/Edit Coupon Setups" for each new association that needs coupon books.

  • 2. CREATE your order input and upload your data files onto the ordering site by clicking Upload a DataFile within Quick Links.
  • Software vendors supported include:

We also accept Excel Files. Contact us for specific instructions on the software you are using.


Q.  How do I send you a Data File with my orders?

A.   Upload your Data File through our secure website, here.


Q.  How do I add letters to go with my payment books?

A.   Attaching a new letter to an order is a two stage process:

  • To upload the letter: From the order form, click "Add/Manage Letters" (between where your data file goes and (optional) Letter Insert 1) to upload letters.
  • Attach the letter(s) to your order by making selections in the (optional) Letter Insert dropdown fields on the form.