Company History

Customer Driven Print & Mail Solutions:

Bank-A-Count Corporation is a leading national printer of Payment Coupon Books, Personal Checks, Billing Statements, Business Checks, Deposit Products, and Letters.  Since 1956, we have served thousands of clients with an unwavering focus on low prices and exceptional customer service.  We strive to earn your business each and every day, and our products are always printed on-demand and fully personalized to fit your exact standards.



Located in Central Wisconsin, the company is privately held by a local group of investors led by CEO Ron Stoflet and President Matt Fillmore serving as majority owners. Both have been with the company for more than 20 years.

Bank-A-Count Corporation's main st location in Rudolph, WI

Bank-A-Count Corporation's Main Street location in Rudolph, WI.

Name & Logo Origin:

The Bank-A-Count name and logo trace back to our founding products and services: bookkeeping systems based on checks printed on IBM punch cards.  Users wrote accounting codes on their checks, and their bank would then keypunch the data for use in generating reports for tax purposes.


Product History:

Bank-A-Count has seen several evolutions of its product lines over the decades in business: from the original bookkeeping services, loan amortization schedules and highly specialized calculations of complicated loan disclosure terms, to the printing of payment coupons and checks, all the way to today with the addition of general on-demand letters, statements, and business check products.

Bank-A-Count's popular line of check products (for personal and business use) are available at the lowest prices in the industry and are tailored to your needs.  Personal Checks are marketed directly to financial institutions, and prepared with fast, reliable turnaround times. Business Checks, for computerized or manual systems, are available for sale directly to the end user through this website, and are commonly used for payroll processing, accounts payable and other needs.


Clients We Serve:

  • Banks, Credit Unions, Savings & Loans, or other lenders
  • Property Management Companies
  • Small Businesses
  • Accounting Firms
  • Others: such as Finance Companies, Municipalities, Private Schools, Musical Instrument Dealers, & Lease Companies