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  • Stock Pre-inked Endorsement Stamp

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Product overview

Low cost pre-inked stamps with your choice of popular standard wording for general office use. Choose from options in the dropdown box below.

Impression size: 1/2" X 1 3/4" (14mm X 44mm)

Not available in California

Product Description:

The stock business stamps from Bank-A-Count are useful in many office settings.  All business stamps are pre inked and easy to use.  The most popular styles of stock stamps include the Paid stamp, the Confidential stamp, the For Deposit Only stamp, and the Received stamp. 

The Paid stamp is perfect for recording payment dates and check numbers on both incoming and outgoing invoices. 

Our Confidential stamp allows you to keep important information private.  Simply stamp on an envelope or document.

The For Deposit Only stamp allows you to mark checks for deposit with ease, saving your small business time and energy. 

The Received stamp has a space in which to record the date.  This stamp will help keep you and your business organized.

Other stock business stamps are available as well – just click through the drop down arrow to view all the options!

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