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Product overview

Order computer checks 3 per page. Guaranteed to be compatible with your software and printer. Select quantity in dropdown below to see pricing discounts! 


Product details

Security FeaturesRead More
Form Size8-1/2" x 11"
Check Size8-1/2" x 3-1/2" Read More
Paper QualityHigh Quality 24# MOCR Bond
Compatibility100% Guaranteed
?CloseSignature lines on laser checks
?CloseUp to 30 characters per line to print over the signature line. Use for names, titles or a note. eg: If the checking account needs two signatures, enter 'Two Signatures Required'
Titles over signature lines
?CloseBusiness information printing alignment on laser checks
?CloseThis field is used to identify your bank.
Location Number
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?CloseAn additional $20 setup fee applies on first order with custom logo.
(no fee applies on subsequent orders with the same logo)
?CloseDon't worry if your software isn't listed!
We can make checks that work in any software program.
Just send us a voided check (fax, email, or upload)
and we can make an exact duplicate!
Your satisfaction is guaranteed!
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?CloseIf you are not able to upload a sample, please fax a voided check to 1-715-435-2026
?ClosePay to the Order Of lines on laser checks
?CloseStarting check number
?CloseRouting number
?CloseSpacing Information
?CloseAccount number
?CloseWould you like to receive your checks in reverse order by check number?
(eg: highest number first)

Product Description:

Computer 3 on a page checks are compatible with a variety of software, including Quickbooks, Quicken, and Microsoft Money.  They can be customized with a monogram or a different color to suit your business needs.  All Quicken checks are printed on high quality paper.

Quicken checks utilize a variety of security features, such as the CPSA padlock, thermal thumbprint, and microprinted borders.  These features make it difficult for your Quicken business checks to be replicated. 

Quicken checks ship the next business day standard, but expedited shipping services are also offered.  Reordering your 3 on a page checks can be done by visiting www.reordermorechecks.com.              

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