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Product overview

Make deposits quick, easy and convenient! Our stamps are great for high frequency use.

SizeImpression Size
Medium7/8" X 2 3/8" (22mm X 60mm)
Large1" X 2 5/8" (25mm X 66mm)


A pre-inked endorsement (bank deposit) stamp allows you to record deposit information without having to handwrite it – saving you time and effort.  These stamps can be used to endorse checks or bank deposit slips and last for thousands of impressions.

Each endorsement (bank deposit) comes in either black or red, is easy to use and re-inks with every impression.  Ordering your endorsement (bank deposit) stamp is easy too – simply input your banking information on our secure site.

For added security, make sure to include “For Deposit Only” on your endorsement (bank deposit) stamp.  This ensures that your checks always get properly deposited.