Computer Business Checks
for Peachtree® Software

Order Peachtree Laser Computer Checks
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These checks work with all versions of Peachtree ®, and will save you money!
Choice of colors: blue, green, tan, or burgundy.
Choice of check positioning on the page or three checks per page.
We expect that these prices will be among the lowest prices you will find Computer Business Checks for Peachtree.
Peachtree is a respective trademark of Sage Software. Bank-A-Count Corp has no connection to Peachtree.


Sage 50, formerly known as Peachtree, is a business management software company.

Peachtree products from Bank-A-Count are sure to streamline your business. The ease of computer check printing outweighs the cost of the business checks.

Peachtree checks include a variety of security features, including: CPSA padlock, security screen, thermal thumbprint, microprinted borders, void pantograph, and many more. These features protect you and your business from fraud.

By using Sage checks, you create a transaction within your Sage Peachtree software. This is used for monthly, quarterly, and year-end accounting procedures. Each check also serves as a receipt for payment of an invoice.

Bank-A-Count guarantees compatibility between your software and the Peachtree checks. Checks ship the next business day standard. Our ordering process is easy to use, and you are sure to get the best possible price.

These Peachtree products come in two formats: Checks-in-Middle and 3-on-a-page. You can choose to print your checks in blue, tan, burgundy, or green, allowing for color coordination between your Sage checks and other business material. You may also add your custom, unique logo for a one-time minimal cost.


Frequently Asked Questions

The order entry system that we have is very easy and quick to use. Common questions that we receive when placing orders for Peachtree Checks include:

Do I need a sample check if I'm using Peachtree software?
Yes, the format for Peachtree checks may differ from version to version of Peachtree software. A sample check helps ensure that your checks are accurate.

Can I have lines printed on my Peachtree computer checks?
The Peachtree software format does not allow for lines to be printed on checks.

If lines aren’t printed on my checks, does that mean I will not have a signature line?
All orders are printed with one signature line, regardless of software.