Stoflet Retires from the Army National Guard

Ron Stoflet and Scott Blanke

Friday, Jul 6, 2012

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After 30 years of dedicated service to our country, Ron F. Stoflet, Jr., retired from military duty on June 1, 2012. He began the Army Reserves with the 410th Signal Company, Junction City, Wisconsin, in May 1982, before transferring to the Wisconsin Army National Guard in 1992. Stoflet served several units while in the guard before retiring from Bravo Battery 1st Battalion 120th Field Artillery, Stevens Point, Wisconsin, earning the rank of First Sergeant in 2008. Stoflet's military service included a two-year tour from 2008 to 2010 that included a one-year deployment as part of Operation Iraqi Freedom.

Stoflet completed his military service while simultaneously maintaining a full-time position with Bank-A-Count Corporation, Rudolph, Wisconsin. Stoflet is the company's Marketing Director and continues to fulfill his duties in this capacity.

"We are extremely proud of Ron's accomplishments through the years. His dedication and service to our country were first and foremost," reports Scott Blanke, President, Bank-A-Count Corporation. Blanke adds, "Ron made some tremendous sacrifices during his continued involvement with the Guards while also maintaining an important position within our company. The tradition of citizen-soldier plays a vital role in securing America's defense and we were happy to support him in these efforts."

The Wisconsin Army National Guard is made up of approximately 7,700 soldiers including a headquarters staff in Madison and four major commands located throughout 67 Wisconsin communities. The mission of the Wisconsin Army National Guard is to provide fully capable citizen-soldiers prepared to deploy anywhere, at any time, to support community, state, and federal missions. On a federal level, their mission is to provide trained units and soldiers in time of war or national emergency, as directed by the President of the United States of America. Their state mission is to assist civil authorities in protecting life and property, and preserving peace, order and public safety during emergencies, as directed by Wisconsin's governor. The Army National Guard is one of seven reserve components of the United States Armed Forces.

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