Laser printed to your specifications
Custom Printed Statements

  • Special Imaging Available
  • Late Fee Imprints Optional
  • Reply Envelope
  • Production reports
  • Mailing services
  • Inserts/letters available

    Optional Features
  • Folded letters
  • Inserts
  • Custom forms
  • Custom Formats

Statements are for billings that are monthly or annual, quarterly, or needed for any special assessments. We offer two formats of detachable stubs: a standard 6” stub that is the same size as regular coupons, or an 8-1/2” stub. We are flexible and have numerous options for formatting your statements. You can add custom imaging to advertise your property management company with your name or logo. We also offer a statement body that allows you to express a message to your customer - you provide us with this variable text. This flexible printing system allows us to make your statements exactly how you want them.

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