Bank-A-Count Corporation is a leading national printer of payment coupon books, personal checks and related products that has been in business since 1955.

Property Management Products and Services

Property Management Payment Coupons, Statements, and Business Products from Bank-A-Count are guaranteed to benefit any of your property management needs. Whether it’s Payment Coupon Books or Statements to receive payments or everyday business items such as stamps and deposit books, we guarantee a quality product and will do whatever it takes to process your order.

Payment Coupon Books

We offer three types of Property Management Payment Coupons:Personalized, Generic, and Breakout. All of these coupons save you money versus monthly billings, are tailored to your specifications, and have insert capabilities.


Statements are for billings that are annual, quarterly, or needed for any special assessments. We offer two formats:a standard 6” statement that is the same size as regular coupons, or an 8-1/2” statement. We can use custom imaging on your statements to advertise your property management company with your name or logo.

Business Products

When it comes to Business Products, we offer a variety of stamps, deposit books, and checks to compliment Payment Coupons and Statements. You can save up to 22-34% with Value Bundles instead of purchasing the items separately. These are great supplemental materials that are used on a daily basis in property management businesses.
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