F.A.Q.'s - Payment Coupons

How do I start ordering Coupons from Bank-A-Count?

Step One:  

  • New Customers: Please register a new account. This can be found by clicking the “Sign in Here” located in the upper right hand corner of your screen. This provides us contact and billing information about your school. Please make a note of the new customer number our system will assign to your school. This step is required before any processing can be done.
  • Once you have completed this, please complete the “COUPON DESIGN SETUP” form. This form may need to be completed for each different type of book i.e. underclassman versus seniors. The important thing to remember on this form is that you will be assigning the suffix number(s). For example you could assign suffix number "001" to your underclassman and "002" to your seniors. From this you can apply monthly messages or inserts such as graduation fees or re-registration fees to the appropriate suffix number.
  • It is important to note that the combination of your CUSTOMER NUMBER (School Number) and the SUFFIX NUMBER (coupon book type) you assign on this form is critical to the proper printing of your finished coupons. This set of number links the setups on this form with your order when printing of your coupons occurs.
  • If your coupon books require special custom insert(s), such as a graduation fee, book fee, & sports fee etc, please complete the INSERT OVERLAY SETUP FORM. This form can be emailed to service@bank-a-count.com or faxed to 715-435-4616.

Step Two:

  • Provide us with the individual parent/student information in whatever means is most convenient for you.  The best option for schools is to provide us a Excel Spreadsheet in our "Record Layout".  We suggest you upload your file onto our secure website at www.bank-a-count.com.  An alternative to website ordering is the use of a Manual Order Form that can be mailed or faxed to us for rush processing. Please email service@bank-a-count.com to request this form.
  • Competitor Formats -- We will gladly review competitor formats for compatibility.
  • If you need to re-order a replacement book or order less than 10 books, you can also use our One Book at a time ordering option. This feature allows you to order one book at a time, and the book is sent out the very next business day. (Individual books are not proofed).
  • If you are interested in ordering blank generic style coupon books please complete the “BLANK GENERIC BOOK ORDER FORM”. This can be emailed to service@bank-a-count.com or faxed to 715-435-4616.


What happens when I upload a datafile?

  • Your order file is validated via our automated order processing system for common input errors.
  • If the file is ready for production "as is", proof materials are generated for your online review and approval, and you are sent an email advising you that the proof is ready.
  • Some order files can not be processed directly "as is" and require more work & time due to errors in the format or data etc..
  • If the order includes special correspondence/instructions for our attention, an extra day or two may be needed.
  • Order files that are not in the correct format are typically referred to technical support personnel for resolution (see "What Happens if my data file is in the wrong format?").
  • Once you return your proof "OK", the order is placed into production as soon as possible. Quite often that is done the very same day your proof OK is received.


What Happens If My Data File Is In the Wrong Format?

  • You will be notified by email that we had encountered a problem with the data file upload. The email notification you receive will list the errors our system found and if we can quickly pinpoint the problem, we will attempt to advise you how to correct it if we can. The data file in error will be cancelled and a new revised data file will need to be re-uploaded to the website again.


What is the Turnaround Time?

  • 1-5 business days is standard, depending on specific client and order requirements.
  • Often the longest time frame is in the setup of the order details -- be sure to send in your completed paperwork in advance of the actual order. Once the order is received in good shape and you have approved the proof materials, the actual production and shipment usually takes just a day or two.
  • For a more specific answer we must take into account such factors as:
    • How the order is submitted (paper, computer, website)
    • How often you order
    • Whether a current setup is on file (suffix number)
    • If it is an annual issue or a small ongoing order etc.
  • Examples: an order for an established account, submitted via this website, takes 1-2 working days, while an order for a new setup placed with a printed listing may take 3-5 days depending on daily workloads.


I Used You Last Year, What Do I Have To Do This Year To Place My Order?

  • If you are adding any new setups, or making changes to prior setups, complete and send in the necessary setup form “COUPON DESIGN SETUP” in advance of the actual order.
  • Upload your new current year’s Excel spreadsheet data file to our secure website. Please note that we do not retain data files from previous years.


How Much Are Your Payment Books?