How To Order

Setup Form

Fill out this form to setup your financial institution for ordering personal checks. Then either email it back to us at or FAX your form to 1-715-435-2026.


Use our convenient on-line order form

Send by Fax

For fast delivery at no extra charge,
FAX your orders to: 1-715-435-2026

Phone Orders Too!

We welcome your phone calls: 800-675-4151


Mail standard orders, using the envelopes we supply


Place your personal check orders directly from our secure order form

Paper Re-Order Form
  • Simply use a reorder form from your customer's current box of checks
  • We accept reorder forms from all other check printers...simply indicate the quantity of checks and the check design desired.
Deposit Ticket / Voided Check
  • If your customer doesn't have a reorder form, simply send us a deposit ticket or voided check.
  • Attach a 'Fix-it' sticker to the deposit ticket/voided check.
Order Forms
  • For new accounts (or for customers who didn't bring a reorder form or deposit ticket/voided check) use one of our convenient order forms.
  • If you have an order form on your computer system that you can print and send to us, that will also work fine.

Have questions about any of our products? Give us a call.

Speak to one of our knowledgeable customer service reps at 1-800-445-3913.