Bank-A-Count Corporation is a leading national printer of payment coupon books, personal checks and related products that has been in business since 1955.

Loan Payment Coupon Book Covers

Payment Coupon Book Covers

Front Cover of Coupon Book

  • Front covers are color-coded to match the coupons.
  • Each cover is die-cut with two windows to display lender & borrower names.
  • The inside cover includes concise instructions on how to use the coupons.
  • Custom design covers, including corporate logo, etc. are available! 

Back Cover Of the Book

  • The standard back cover of the payment coupon book includes a convenient form for CHANGE OF ADDRESS.

Custom Cover Designs

available at an additional cost.
  • Custom Cover Designs are a great way to add marketing impact to your finished package!
  • Include your corporate logo and any special graphics on the front cover of the book. Tailor the front and back covers, and both sides!
  • Forward a sketch or copy of any desired special cover designs, and we'll be happy to provide pricing details, etc.

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